A History of Invention,
Reinvention and Innovation


The Launch of Ludens

William H. Luden starts a candy and cough drop business in the back of his father's jewelry shop in Reading, PA. After giving away samples of his cough drops to railroad men, he was forced to expand his factory three times in one decade to keep up with demand.


Dr. Wilson Creates Cloverine

Ever the entrepreneur, Dr. James Thompson Wilson, a Pennsylvania physician, creates White Cloverine brands salve on his kitchen stove. With the power of some clever marketing, his product catches on as a proven remedy for chapped lips, dry skin, minor cuts and burns, scrapes, skin irritations and even diaper rash.


A New Kind of Pain Relief

In Durham, NC, pharmacists Germain Bernard and C.T. Council create a new means of effective pain relief, a new formula delivered in powder form. The powder quickly gains a loyal following from hard workers in need of fast relief from the toughest of aches and pains.


Fewer Headaches

In a crowded category of pain relievers, pharmacist Martin Goodman becomes a leader in the field with a formula that worked wonders on the headaches of hard working factory men. Initially handed out by Martin's own family during shift changes, "Goody's" quickly gained a loyal following with demand soon outpacing its own factory production.


Spic and Span

Two housewives from Saginaw, Michigan, Elizabeth "Bet" MacDonald and Naomi Stenglein, invent this household cleaner in their spare time, experimenting with different formulas until landing on one that left the surfaces in their home spotless.



Dentist Robert Schattner, aka Dr. Bob, created this germ-killing mouthwash and throat anesthetic after finding inspiration at a cocktail party. When asked about the possibilities of a solution to disinfect the mouth after dental work, Dr. Bob went home to experiment, creating Chloraseptic.


A new company grows...

A consumer products company, Medtech, is established in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Born with a focus on growing iconic American brands, this company will someday be known as Prestige Brands.


Little Remedies

After frequently being asked for a reliable saline solution for kids in his pharmacy in Long Island, NY, Matt Kornberg decided to make his own, naming it "Little Noses Saline." Based on its popularity, Matt formed a company, growing a line of Little Remedies for children without artificial colors, flavors, dyes or preservatives.


"The Start of Something New"

Medtech joins The Shansby Group, forming Prestige Brands, Inc.

Prestige Brands adds Compound W, New Skin, Dermoplast and Percogesic to its portfolio of brands.


Spic and Span, Cinch join Prestige Brands


"More Growth, More Change"

Little Remedies OTC®, the first pediatric products acquired by Prestige Brands, marks the biggest acquisition to date.

Prestige Brands, now a consolidation of Medtech, the Spic and Span Company and Florida-based Bonita Bay Holdings, Inc., acquires Chloraseptic, Clear Eyes eye care products, Murine eye and ear care products, and Comet household cleansers.



September 30th

"Going Public"

Prestige Brands initiates successful public offering under trading symbol PBH.

Fiscal '05 revenues approach $290 million.


The New Mission is Pursued

Prestige Brands acquires Blacksmith Brands, adding 5 iconic brand names to its portfolio: PediaCare® children’s OTC medicines, Luden’s® Throat Drops, Efferdent® and Effergrip® denture care products, and NasalCrom® allergy treatment.


Prestige Brands acquires Dramamine® Motion Sickness Treatment from Johnson & Johnson.


An Historic Acquisition

Largest acquisition in company history is made involving 17 brands including:

  • Beano, Fiber Choice, Gaviscon, Tagamet, (gastro)
  • BC, Goody's, Ecotrin (pain)
  • Sominex + Nytol (sleep aids)
"Prestige Brands is now the largest independent OTC products company in the U.S., posting record 4th quarter and year-end revenues."

Efferdent Power Clean Crystals are Created

We invigorated the denture cleanser category with the fourth quarter launch of new Efferdent® Power Clean Crystals, the first innovation in denture care in many years.


BC Powder Cherry is created


Little Remedies Runs TV Ads

Dale Earnhardt Jr. joins the Goody's Team

Earnhardt Jr., the most popular driver in NASCAR racing today, joined Goody's longtime spokesman, Richard "The King" Petty, in a new multi-media campaign that introduced consumers to the fast-dissolving headache remedy.

BC Powder becomes official sponsor of the SEC

BC Powder®, the trusted choice for fast headache pain relief announced a new sponsorship with the Southeastern Conference (SEC).

Fiber Choice Fruity Bites

FiberChoice® Fruity Bites are the natural choice to close the fiber gap easily and naturally. These fiber rich gummies contain both natural colors and natural flavors. So when it comes to your fiber, get picky and go for Fruity Bites!

Goody's™ Headache Relief Shot™

Prestige Brands develops an innovation in the analgesics category with the Goody's™ Headache Relief Shot™.





Care Pharmaceuticals

Prestige Brands acquires Care Pharmaceuticals of Bondi Junction, Australia



Insight Pharmaceuticals Acquisition

Announced the acquisition of Insight Pharmaceuticals, makers of Monistat®, EPT®, Nix®, Anacin® and other OTC healthcare products, with an anticipated closing date of September 30, 2014.


Hydralyte™ Acquisition Agreement

Acquisition of Hydralyte™, the leading line of oral rehydration products in Australia and New Zealand. The brand will be marketed and sold by Care Pharmaceuticals, the Company’s subsidiary in Australia.



DenTek™ Oral Care Acquisition

Entered into a definitive agreement to acquire DenTek™ Oral Care, Inc. (“DenTek”), a privately-held marketer and distributor of oral care products, with a closing date of February 8th 2016.



New Skin®, PediaCare® and Fiber Choice® Divesture

Prestige Brands completes the divesture of three of its non-core over-the-counter healthcare brands New Skin®, PediaCare® and Fiber Choice® to Moberg Pharma AB of Stockholm, Sweden.


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