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Clear Eyes®

Clear Eyes® has a full line of eye drops with a range of formulations for relieving the many types of eye irritations. Each product is specially formulated to offer consumers the choice they need to select the right product for their needs, and importantly, every Clear Eyes® product contains moisturizers to relieve dry eyes, the most common type of
eye irritation.

• Redness Relief and Maximum Redness Relief to relieve burning and   redness discomfort.
• Maximum Itchy Eye Relief to soothe the discomorts of itchy eyes often
   associated with seasonal allergies.
• Multi Symptom Relief products including Clear Eyes® 7 Symptom Relief,
   and Triple Action.
• Contact Lens Relief for soothing irritations caused by
   wearing contact lenses.
• The newest Clear Eyes® products have special appeal to those
   seeking more comfort:
• Cooling Comfort Eye Drops that cool eyes on contatct.
• Outdoor Dry Eye Protection offers outdoor enthusiasts protection from
   the drying effects of wind and sun.
• Travelers Eye Relief is made for frequent travelers who need more than
   just redness relief.

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